A talk about Dev Ops

~ by @anna ~

Pizza courtesy of @Imosphere

about me

  • I did a CS Masters here
  • I was a member of HackSoc
  • Now a .NET software engineer
  • Work at Imosphere /i-mo-sphere/
  • Interests include Linux, open source, devOps, automaton and getting involved in the tech community

about this talk

  • Where did it come from
  • What is DevOps??
  • Continuous stuff
  • Examples of different tools
  • How to DevOps in your own time

Where did DevOps come from?

Let’s go back in time



  • Long development cycle
  • Tightly controlled change management
  • Slow to release new features to customers
  • Long feedback loop


  • Short development iterations
  • Quicker to develop new features
  • Shorter feedback loop
  • Lots of new features
  • Fragile infrastructure
  • Needed to change

Ok, so DevOps is just Devs doing their own Ops?

This is Dev


This is Ops


It’s all in the culture

Dev, meet Ops. Ops, meet Dev

πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

Service Level Agreement

  • Services don’t need 100% uptime
  • Realistic uptime goals
  • New features vs stability
  • Cost of resources

Error Budget


Monitor all the things


Spend it!


Bringing the Dev into Ops

Shell scripts


$ ssh production@critical-server
$ ./deploy-billion-servers.sh

Engineering solutions

ServerId CPU TimeUp ApplicationId Memory
1 85% 18.02.19t06.45.40 3456 196
2 76% 14.02.19t08.20.00 763456 134

Let’s get continuous

Continuous Integration

  • Small bite size chunks that work well together
  • Merging work into the main branch often, multiple times a day
  • Hour long branches

Continuous Delivery

  • Always have something to release:
  • It’s tested
  • Automated build

Continuous Deployment

  • Deploying the code to customers:
    • Easily
    • Often
    • Automated
  • Aim is no downtime or affect to users

How To DevOps

Spin it Up!

(And back it up)


Multiple servers and data centres


So you wanna devOps??

Stuff to do

πŸ’» Linux

πŸ’» Networking

πŸ’» Manage a server

πŸ“˜ SRE book

πŸ“˜ DevOps Handbook

πŸ“˜ Phoenix Project

πŸ“˜ https://cloud.google.com/blog/products/gcp/bringing-pokemon-go-to-life-on-google-cloud

Thanks for listening!

Ask me questions

(or not - that’s cool too)

I’ll be hanging around for pizza, come say hi


Anna Dodson