A quick talk about Dev Ops

Pokemon Go on Google Cloud

~ by @anna ~

about me

  • Co-organiser of @WiT_Notts
  • I’m a .NET software engineer and interested in DevOps
  • I read a book
  • Work at Imosphere /i-mo-sphere/

about this talk

  • I thought something was cool
  • So now I’m talking about it

This is the book I read:

This is the blog I read:


Pokémon Go launched

Australia and New Zealand

Where it proved to be quite the hit

Ready to Launch in America…

… and hit ten times the worst-case estimate….

A picture worth a thousand words

Bugs were being found in the game

With a million new players signing up all the time

Google Cluster Engine - Kubernetes big brother

But that wasn’t big enough

Then to keep things interesting…

Upgraded Network Load Balance

new features included far more control, faster connections to users and higher throughput overall

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Anna Dodson